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We work primarily in the greater Pittsburgh area, but we also handle accounts nationwide. Call us if you need any of the following services:

  • New building installation of data network cabling infrastructure
  • Tie floors or buildings together with fiber optic backbone wiring
  • Install adds, moves or changes within existing networks
  • Design custom plans for project specific solutions
  • Add the capability for future expansion
  • Troubleshoot and eliminate existing data network problems
  • Contract for company national roll-outs

We will also clean up your existing network chaos!

  • Identify and label all cables from the communications closet or server rooms
  • Create a 3 by 4 foot sized laminated blueprint that diagrams your site
  • Patch panels and switches will also be clearly labeled

After we finish, we will certify and provide documentation for every cable we installed. The documentation will include:

  • Link Performance
  • Impulse Noise
  • Peak to Peak Noise
  • Wire Map
  • Length
  • Impedance
  • Loop Resistance
  • Capacitance

If you have a network problem, where do you start to troubleshoot a specific cable? Toning each cable in a closet without clear documentation is a nightmare. How do you know if you have unused or disconnected cables on each patch panel or switch? Are you wasting resources during additions because it is easier to just add an additional patch panel or switch instead of using available resources. Our Communication Closets or server rooms are so simple to understand your data cabling network, that novice users can be directed to activate network or phone locations with a phone call or an email

Now this is a rack you can work with.